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totally unthreaded question:
I remember reading somewhere that there is a definite date Gim Gim returned
to the Heartlands (in disgrace?)
perhaps my memory is faulty, as I have failed to refind this reference
hopefully someone can help me

Ehi, sorry for the delay. I've been fairly busy these last weeks.
I read this only today (11 days of delay, I am getting better).

I don't know about the return of GimGim to the Heartland.
I remember distinctly reading (in KoS) that when that WhiteHat of Argrath
finally entered Pavis as the official Ruler of the city , followed by Bison
and Rhino Hordes, he was ambushed by a demon called JimJim and he defeated

I read this passage as an hint that:
1) the true nature of GimGim is demonic (read as highly Lunar magic) and
totally opposed to Dragon/Orlanthi/Praxian magic.
2) He kept his place (perhaps as a BlackFang Lord) until the last remnants
of the Lunar Garrison left the City.
3) He was killed by Argrath.

This is no canon. This is my inferential speculations on GimGim's Character.

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