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Date: Tue 28 Mar 2000 - 11:35:12 EEST

Dom Twist wrote :

>>So to sum up after that mess, I agree with Alex that a wild animal the size
>>of a cougar running around the UK seems really unlikely. Why wouldn't
>>it kill dogs and farm animals since that's more like what it normally eats.
>>Oliver D. Bernuetz
>It/They do!
>There are pretty well documented cases of attacks on sheep, cattle and on
>one rather scary occasion Dogs and a Human (In this case woman and dogs out
>walking accidently cornered one and got cut up as it made its escape. I've
>see photo's of the bite and claw marks on the woman and we are not talking a
>small cat here!!). What I'm saying is there plenty of food for a small
>population. Probably under a dozen.

What I still want to know is given the number of people out hunting these
things, nobody has found ANY evidence, apart from the kills which no
independent person has yet claimed to be definate cat predation? I mean
after years of looking no one has found any poo, any hair, a carcass,
anything. I've owned cats for most of my life, and finding evidence they
are around ain't difficult.

Talk about your shadow cats...


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