Re: Dragonewt dreams

From: Graham J Robinson (
Date: Tue 28 Mar 2000 - 11:47:58 EEST

Bob Stancliffe wrote :
> I have been swept up in the concept that the Dragon Egg is the actual
>creature and that the Dragonnewt is a projected viewpoint for the egg to
>perceive the world... like a conscious Dream Dragon. The egg gains
>knowledge, experience, and perspective on the world, improving it's mystic
>status until it transforms into the final dragon form. The number of
>'newt bodies is unimportant, the time required is meaningless (especially
>if the egg could ingest nutrition), and the only reason to care about the
>death of an old body is to recover valuable properties and magics.
>Priceless image, totally YGMV.

Oh, I like this. And (some) rogue 'newts are those who realise their own
non-reality, and thus have no wish to die, since it ends their existence,
even though their 'other' will survive.


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