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Date: Tue 28 Mar 2000 - 12:06:40 EEST

Alexandre Lanciani:

> What are the differences between the Summer (i.e. Manirian) and Winter
>(i.e. Pelorian) Tribes?

The Summer and Winter division existed in prehistoric Vingkotling
society and had been largely erased by later distinguishing events.

The current distinguishing factor was caused by the Dragonkill War.
The tribes in Peloria largely adopted Alakoring's customs which they
share with Lankst while those in the south remained true to the ancient
ways of King Heort. There is the further complication that the
northern tribes have been assimilated into the Lunar Empire while the
south resists inclusion.

>Why did Ingkot Axe-and-a-half marry Hwarin Dalthippa? Didn't he saw what
>happened at Castle Blue, and the Red Goddess connections with Chaos?

Any one of the following:

i) The Goddess proved her right to exist at Castle Blue therefore
     it is legitimate to worship her.
ii) Orlanth was defeated at Castle Blue and the Orlanthi do not
     worship losers.
iii) Ingkot never worshipped Orlanth anyway but instead some
     barbarous earth god therby making an ironic twist on
     Orlanth's marriage with Ernalda.

>Bonus silly question: is there a relationship between Hon-EEL, Jar-EEL and

They are all members of the same lunar clan, the Eel-Ariash.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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