Re: Rainbow Mounds for HW

From: Alexandre Lanciani (
Date: Tue 28 Mar 2000 - 12:46:44 EEST


> Currently, I'm converting Rainbow Mounds over for HW. Another
> generation of players is subjected to the tender mercies of WhiteEye and
> Slud and the gang.

        Me too! The last session ended as one of the character was breathing in the
air necessary to perform the Thunder Bellow feat, while Whiteye was using
his affinity with darkness to weave a shield of solidified shadows around

        The "corrections" I have made to the scenario include simplifying the map
and letting the heroes activate the newtling statue which then tells them
the story, as the newtlings can't speak their tongue, even though they bow
and adore the carrier of the statue's parts. And it feels more heroic this
way: after all they are given a mission from a God (with possible ties to a

        As for the map, I've followed a cinematic principle: there is no point in
fully exploring the mounds. Just give the heroes a fair reason to go quickly
were they are needed, i.e. into the foe's lair. Imagine if Tolkien described
the journey through Moria as if he was playing it using ICE's module (no
offense to ICE meant, BTW)!

        A cinematic Alex.


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