Influence Magic

From: Andreas Mueller (
Date: Tue 28 Mar 2000 - 13:06:02 EEST

I've identified various spells, which are in my opinion game-killers. A
short list would be:
1. Invisibility: By far to overpowered and there's no reasonable model
to explain it happen. Unfortunately there is some invisibility in
2. Control Magic: Magic the Gathering has proven, that this is one of
the worst spells. You don't only loose an fighter, but also the opponent
gains one. The harmonize of the Jack O'Bear is such an example. Or you
could get any amount of money from the controlled and make a good
3. Detect Enemies/Danger/Chaos/..: There can be no plotting, treachery
or assassination attempt. A whole class of adventure-ideas ceases to
exist. In one old solo-adventure I encountered the use of Detect Enemy
in this way (A griffon offered to fly you, but planned to throw you off.
This one was detectable by DE).

The Issaries Quest and the spells of the traders IMO don't fall in this
pit-trap. I agree very much with Simon Hibbs POV, that the quest just
shows your good-will and that the gods expect from both parties to
compromise. I haven't made the quest yet to settle a feud (Only to
improve my trading ;-), so I can't quote on the appearance of my enemy
with gifts. This seems odd to me, I would have expected you to do the
first step by sending a caravan of gifts. On the other hand the gifting
from your side may have happened during the course of the HeroQuest (a
gift of magic could have happened or something like this). The advantage
of having performed the quest wouldn't be a change of mind but anything
that depends on chance tends to go in your way (e.g. the hardliners
among the enemy are to drunk or sick to speak up, the peace-speakers do
a glorius orate-roll ;-), the omens asked for advice by the enemy would
show the advice of settling the feud and so on).
Concerning the Issaries-Spells, I don't have my books available at the
moment, but I can't remember any mind-influencing magic. He has spells
to make him and his goods look better, spells to communicate and spells
to ward him, but that's it.
Concerning the mindset issue: In real world, there are many similar ways
to this. Many ask the omen about cutting a deal (read horoscope), have a
luck charm (try to influence fate and/or the opposition) or offer
sacrifice or pray to the gods for a good fate and other people acting on
their behalf. If any of these have any effect (which these people
obviously believe), it isn't as alien, as you think.

Just my opinion (and I agree not every bit of magic in Glorantha is all



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