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Date: Tue 28 Mar 2000 - 16:06:12 EEST

Julian Lord:
>Perhaps the egg, and the dragonewt that transcends it, is a creation
>of infinite draconic entities that precede and inform the Manifest.

>I like it mostly because our hypothetical dragonewt player
>would have an egg as his PC. Cool !!

>Obviously, Chaosium was wrong when they said that dragonewts
>were unsuitable as PCs ...

Question about EWF:
if you choose Dragonewt-like lifestyle as a lizard
(see Metamorphoses in Tales of the Reaching Moon #17 Manlavus the Scribe
:Martin Laurie)
you should secure box-space of Reincarnation Egg: Please think about risky
lifestyle of Draconic Way, Life of Responsibility requires Firm Belief of
Afterlife as Kamikaze Pilots.
 DragonewtSales Life Assurance often guides Precarious Things : think about
Last of Dragonkill War:

Dragonewt Eggs maybe exists as Gelatinous Glove: Massive Spirit Dominion
like a Toad. If human or other race member want to joining Draconic Way: how
do you make blank box?

Stygian Heresy
Tales of The reaching Moon #13 categorize this word as Joint worship between
monotheism and polytheism using both sorcery & theistic magic society, but
later this word became only application to Arkati Stygian Imperial
Influence. so it excludes middle Age Talorism, Syanoran, Carmanian, and
western Lunars.

(I used "feudal" word for middle age because RW Japan and Europian
historical term made this application as equal, but of Cource, China and
Persian ,etc other areas ignored by this concept in general)

I say Vormai Hinterland Valkarism isolated by long time during Closing and
Color Magical barrier see below
and they may only memorized Malkionism some differ from local polytheism
false gods worship
as against power of local enforcer except Holy religious castes. They only
know more detailed malkioni teachings, but they also don't know mainstream
Valkarism differed from their religious teachings gapped by long historical

Planet Dayzatar at the End of World
Once, after Yelm disintegrated, watery legion invaded to Sky World, allied
with Southern Blue Moon Artmali Surface and Secret Water Power as known as
Nelat and Styx. Earthly Dragonriders with Burburstus and Lorian struggled
with Star Captains and shattered themselves as Galaxy River.
After Dethroning, Dayzatar descended to Rausan Dusk Gate with keeping of
Meditation. At the moment of reaching Gate, One of Earthly Dragon waked from
Surface of Luathela, and opened her mouth for welcome to Bright Jewel.
Dayzatar sensed her action without opening his eyes, he smashed and burned
her eyes and mouth without action. Great scream switched off Light of
Barbarians believe Dayzatar descented to even Darkness Domain and rescued
One of Great Star after became as name of Lightfore. Truth Goddess Orenoar
in Celestial Court also was salvaged by the Star Captain, returned to High
Empyreal Palace (Especially Imther?).
Dara Happans believed he reascented to Sky of Outer Dome and Firmament(Chaos
Domain?) after defeating of Dragon, and has lived Up of Roof as Illuminated
Entity (highly Lunarized Concept) since he disappeared from normal eyes.


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