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Date: Wed 29 Mar 2000 - 01:09:59 EEST

Alexandre Lanciani asked:
>What are the differences between the Summer (i.e.
Manirian) and Winter(i.e. Pelorian) Tribes?

Peter Metcalfe responds:
The Summer and Winter division existed in prehistoric
Vingkotling society and had been largely erased by
later distinguishing events.

The current distinguishing factor was caused by the
Dragonkill War.
The tribes in Peloria largely adopted Alakoring's
customs which they share with Lankst while those in
the south remained true to the ancient ways of King
Heort. There is the further complication that the
northern tribes have been assimilated into the Lunar
Empire while the south resists inclusion.

Hey bub,
That's all the Pelorian Tribes save those brave souls
of Free Aggar and 'round Wintertop (The Tarsh Exiles),
where they speak their Northern Theyalanese dialects
free and true, proudly battling Generals Roan-Ur and
Livius Thrax and their Forces of Chaos, honoring their
Alakoring heritage!!!
Pok Iartes,
Wind Lord of the Stormhawk Clan of Kero Fin
(a.k.a. Dana "That's the Way I See It" Winston)

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