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From: Dan McCluskey (
Date: Wed 29 Mar 2000 - 01:57:42 EEST

I have a little theory about interactions of a >W3 difference IMG, which is
that they simply don't happen... It might sound kinda dumb and arbitrary,
but I think it fits really well -- let's see if I can explain:

To put it simply, Humans who aquire abilities of more than three or four
masteries start to find themselves on the hero plane, and people with more
than 6 masteries simply apothesizse and enter the god plane. Thus someone
like Harrek simply won't notice anyone who isn't a hero, and True Dragons
sleep so much because there just isn't anything powerfull enough around for
them to notice.

When you are a hero, you can see other heros, or armies, or dragons and big
chaos monsters, but a lone trollkin just won't exist for you anymore. Heros
can affect a lone trollkin by destroying the army they are in, or levelling
the mountain they live in, but simply could not hold a conversation with it,
since the skill levels are soo different.

This also explains why most "hero-level" creatures tend to migrate towards
the edges of the world... the inner world starts to become blank and
featureless for them as fewer and fewer things are of a level to interact.
Thus Cragspider Herself probably sees the entire region of Dragons Pass as

having something on the order of one or two thousand total inhabitants...
ie: at the level of "counters" in a board game. She wouldn't have a
mechanism to deal with less powerful divisions.

Thus you can have stories of Onslaught sitting in a Greydog tavern, but
Harrek has to sack Cities. Onslaught has taken his martial abilities as far
as he can without loosing touch with "normal people" I really like the idea
personally because it seems to mesh easily with both the Hero Wars Rulz and
Gloranthan "reality" as described in the histories (gods can't interact
directly with the "mundane" plane, etc). It also creates a framework for
the world changing around PC's as they increase in masteries without the
lame hand waving "it's just different now" kind of excuse that always pissed
me off so much in DnD...

so, does this make sense to anyone but me???


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