Rainbow Mounds

From: Osentalka@aol.com
Date: Wed 29 Mar 2000 - 02:05:18 EEST

Hello Friends,

in GD Vol 7 # 500
"Alexandre Lanciani" <
alexanl@tin.it> spoke about the
Rainbow Mounds.

That reminded me on a "fact" that i have a problem with.

The Apple Lane book is located at the Colymar / Malani border.
Apple Lane is in the Colymar tribal area, and the Rainbow Mounds seem to be
located in Malani area.

Why it is so uncomlicated for the PCs to move from Apple Lane to the Rainbow
Mounds, without Malani warriors asking them were they are going?

Any help with this?
Or i am totally wrong about seeing the borderline of the Colymar and Malani
in between Apple Lane and the Rainbow Mounds.




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