Magic influencing free will?

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 29 Mar 2000 - 16:03:25 EEST

>Likewise in the Orlanthi worldview, there is a difference between
>using the magic of the gods (Issaries the Conciliator) and using
>"low" magic (sending spiritss to cloud the rival clan's judgement)
>to influence people.

But if it is Etyries or Deezola who show up to suggest dancing and group
hugs rather than cattle-raiding?
Issaries might be a great negotiator to
bring in to set the bloodgeld, but is it simply that by invoking common gods
you are being traditional and appropriate? Much as you can't really
complain if your neighbors go berserk or throw thunderbolts at you during
the feud. Now, Madness blasts, shades or forces shaped entirely by a
sorcerers concentration, those are just evil. Drew
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