Trollish Henotheism

Date: Wed 29 Mar 2000 - 04:40:54 EEST

David Dunham:
>I believe that "Stygian heresy" and "henotheism" are synonyms -- they
>mean essentially the same thing. They do have different distinctions
>- -- the Stygian heresy frequently is used to refer to a form of
>henotheism that involves darkness deities -- but I think it's
>possible to use one or the other.

IMO, "henotheism" word applied only to Otkorioni Surantyr Fiesive Church
(under Great Influence from Northern Orlanthi Custom)

If we can divide Custom Practice and sense of word meaning, I pointed
Uzdoms except kind of Naskorioni acceptance to Concept of Supreme God are
limited for their practical manner and Trollish sense to return Mother Kyger
Litor (IMO, they dislike Emanatio Idea like New Platonism)
, spirit and flesh is never divided by Trollish Sense as Doctrinairistic
Taoists to Lao-Tzu word.

I made first Description of Vormai Pilgrimage:


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