Eel Dynasty

From: Gian Gero (
Date: Wed 29 Mar 2000 - 09:33:07 EEST

>Bonus silly question: is there a relationship between Hon-EEL, Jar-EEL and

They are all members of the same lunar clan, the Eel-Ariash.

- - --Peter Metcalfe

I like this dynastic subjects.
I add they are also related to the Whyded family created by MOB (from which
Sultanate/Satrapy, Michael?) and to the Eel-Garyd family (intermixed with
Loskalmi families and currently dwelling in Palbar, Oraya), created by a
player of mine. Of course, Bor-eel the half brother is another

I wonder if the eel- prefix be due to a certain ancient fishing practice of
the clan (so how did they became so rich, noble and powerful among
Rufelza/Sedenya's followers?) and in which waters do eels thrive in the
Lunar Empire.


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