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From: Michael Cule (
Date: Wed 29 Mar 2000 - 14:40:44 EEST

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I was going through my old RQ materials when I came across an article by
one Bruce Dresselhaus written as publicity for the release of RQ3 (It's
in HEROES Vol 1 No 5). In it he describes being a playtester for RQ3 and
says that their adventures:

- -...spanned from the Genertela wastes to the Tunneled Hills, Pavis, the
Holy Country, Seshnela, the Jrusteli Isles and Pamaltela. Most of these
journeys were part of a mighty quest to avert the end of the third age
[and therefore the end of the world]. Our group had included Human
warriors, sorcerers, priests of white, black, red and blue, a High Llama
rider, dark trolls, trollkin, dwarves, a morokanth, elves, ducks and a

He goes on to speak of prophecies and heroquests and being offered
peanuts by boggles.

Now, isn't that just the sort of adventure you want? Grand scale, lots
to see and already available in house? Any chance that any part of that
would be available for HW?

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Michael Cule


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