Re: Newts and Newties

Date: Wed 29 Mar 2000 - 23:38:01 EEST

Gian Gero:

<< What's the relationship (all over Glorantha) between Dragonewts and
Newtlings? From some books I inferred they are related or at least used to
work together as combined races. Also the superior stages of newtling
evolution could possibly be related (as dinosaurs and magisaurs are) with
proto-dragonewt beings... Is the population of 'newts cities augmented by
blocks inhabited by newtlings?? >>

      Newtlings are frequently used as slaves by the dragonewts, so one would
certainly find them together in the same communities. According to their own
mythology, they are unrelated to dragonewts, and created from mud, possibly
by Flesiska the Great Amphibian. Some human scholars do believe the two races
to be connected, presumably because they look rather similar, and often live
together. Even if the newtlings are wrong about their own origin (which I see
no reason to suppose), there is no evidence of the kind of direct
relationship with dragonewts that magisaurs have, for example.

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