Re: Issaries the Conciliator

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000 - 02:17:13 EEST

Cian Dorr described the consequences of the Issaries the Conciliator
quest as some sort of mind control. I don't think at all that this is
the case.

When someone from a hostile clan (to my own) succesfully starts the
Issaries the Conciliator quest, he _becomes_ Issaries for this kind of
conflict. If I am the target of his effect, then I will contribute to
one of the two arguing beast tribes. Perhaps not consciously so, but if
my clan is the main enemy of that clan, it is possible that my clan's
leaders have weird dreams of assuming beast shape.

It is very possible that our clan's opposition may ruin the quester's
attempts to reconcile the beasts, making both beast leaders to stubborn
to accept peace. If our clan takes the sabretooth role, there still is a
chance that the Issaries quester won't survive the final confrontation,
and while peace in general is furthered, the clans' feud still will go

However, the quester has the stronger role, and will more likely
overcome our clan's resistance. Issaries will appear to key clan leaders
in visions or dreams, and omens will appear pushing the clan to make
peace with the quester's clan. Our clan might be stubborn and ignore
those omens, but that is as bad as breaking an oath, with dire
consequences for the stubborn clan. Even if the clan leaders are
unrelenting, the peacemakers within the clan will be strengthened, and
if the warmakers press their position, it is likely that they will be
deposed, perhaps even outlawed for drawing the displeasure of the gods
on us.

A feud delayed is not a feud resolved...

Much the same argument can be made for Chalana Heals the Scars. I've
failed often enough in that to be able to imagine where and how the
opposition can manifest. After all, it's almost all in Orlanth's


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