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From: Michael Cule (
Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000 - 00:51:43 EEST

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>Hello Friends,
>in GD Vol 7 # 500
>"Alexandre Lanciani" <> spoke about the
>Rainbow Mounds.
>That reminded me on a "fact" that i have a problem with.
>The Apple Lane book is located at the Colymar / Malani border.
>Apple Lane is in the Colymar tribal area, and the Rainbow Mounds seem to be
>located in Malani area.
>Why it is so uncomlicated for the PCs to move from Apple Lane to the Rainbow
>Mounds, without Malani warriors asking them were they are going?

>Any help with this?
>Or i am totally wrong about seeing the borderline of the Colymar and Malani
>in between Apple Lane and the Rainbow Mounds.

If we use the KoDP model then it seems to me that you *might* encounter
the Outer Patrol but that is unlikely enough to bother you unless you
want it to.
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Michael Cule


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