From: Michael Cule (
Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000 - 00:49:24 EEST

A theory:

>To put it simply, Humans who aquire abilities of more than three or four
>masteries start to find themselves on the hero plane, and people with more
>than 6 masteries simply apothesizse and enter the god plane. Thus someone
>like Harrek simply won't notice anyone who isn't a hero, and True Dragons
>sleep so much because there just isn't anything powerfull enough around for
>them to notice.

Nice idea. But...

I want there to be a pressure on people to leave the mundane plane but I
want it to come from something they choose to do rather than any simple
acquisition of ability. I think I might do something like that once
someone has done the things that start to make them into a Hero. But not

And you have to account for the exceptions. People like Androgeus for
example who is still around despite having lived since before the
Dawning. (My favourite counter example to all Heroic Schemes...)

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Michael Cule


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