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From: Bob Stancliff (
Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000 - 00:57:45 EEST

>From: Dan McCluskey <>
>Subject: RE: Things that go bump...
> To put it simply, Humans who acquire abilities of more
> than three or four masteries start to find themselves
> on the hero plane, and people with more than 6 masteries
> simply apotheosize and enter the god plane.
> Thus someone like Harrek simply won't notice anyone who
> isn't a hero, and True Dragons sleep so much because there
> just isn't anything powerful enough around to notice.

        I have to draw a strong distinction between not being able to, and being
too busy too. The hero's companions, clerks, guards, etc, make it very
hard for a great leader to meet a mere peasant unless the hero is
determined to ignore their advice and do it anyway.
        Face it, heroes exist as avatars for the gods to carry their example to
the very commoners you say they aren't able to notice.
        Some really great stories have MAJOR characters turning a corner (or
something) and meeting an innocent nobody who reawakens the hero's sense
of purpose.

> This also explains why most "hero-level" creatures tend
> to migrate towards the edges of the world... the inner
> world starts to become blank and featureless for them as
> fewer and fewer things are of a level to interact.

        The alternate view might be that the hero wants bigger challenges and
rewards that can only be met by visiting the demigods and immortals who
live in the hero plane.

Bob Stancliff


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