Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000 - 01:22:14 EEST

        A little bit ago I asked a question about a Thed HQ, and got some
interesting replies. I thought the list might be interested in how the
Thedquest played out in my campaign.
        My PCs went into Snakepipe Hollow, looking for an old temple of
Thanatar which, unbeknowst to them had been occupied by a group of Uraini.
Before they reached the temple, they encountered a sizable group of Broo
being led by a Thed heroquester who had ritually castrated himself to
reproduce Ragnaglar's wounding of Thed. The quester approached the
Orlanthi in the group and demanded justice. The Orlanthi agreed to provide
justice and asked what was demanded. The broo responded that it wanted all
people to be vulnerable to rape as a means of exacting vengence on the
Storm Tribe. Thinking quickly, the Orlanthi said that it was unjust to
punish those who had not offended and said that he would track down
Ragnaglar and punish him. Although this wasn't the answer 'Thed' wanted,
it had to agree that it was reasonable, but demanded that it be done within
a day, or else he would insist on his original demand.
        When the party encountered the Uraini, the Orlanthi realized that
he could ritually scapegoat one of the Uraini in place of Ragnaglar, since
Urain was a member of the Storm Tribe. This meant that they had to defeat,
without killing, one of the Uraini (since that would make Orlanth a
kinslayer). Having managed to incapacitate one of the Berserkers, the
Orlanthi ritually condemned Ragnaglar and castrated him as a punishment.
        It wasn't a perfect solution to the problem, since theoretically
'Thed' should be able to insist on having her choice of vengeance, but I
thought it was clever enough that I would allow it.
        So, the faint groundwork is laid for a new myth of Orlanth
punishing Ragnaglar.

Andrew E. Larsen


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