Sun Dome Dragonewts

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Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000 - 11:04:10 EEST

R Meints wrote:
<<The only book I would ever want to see on dragonewts would be how to
play them as weirdly and unpredictably as possible AND only as NPCs.>>

Seems all right to me.
Let me tell my only GMing experience with PC Dragonewts.

In the Raus Domain (Prax, River of Cradles, 1618) there was an emergency.
The PC to be involved was an Etyries who acted as Lunar ambassador in
How to involve a SunDome resident in Raus' problems?
In traditional (messenger) or dramatic way?
I chose the latter, of course:
A Crested Dragonewt with 4 Demibirds flew to SunTown from the North, hailed
TheGamon (the Dragonewt retainer of Lord Belvani). He was misteriously

well-informed of Raus' problems and had received orders from his Priests to
summon TheGamon and help the Duke (for past mystical reasons connected with
the death of Krang, the DreamDragon who lived in the Raus Domain).

Belvani followed TheGamon and the EtyriesPC followed the Crested Dragonewt
(called Starliss).
The four of them flew to Raus Domain and helped him against a raiding tribe
of Praxians (Behemoth Riders!!!).
During the battle, the Shaman who lead the raiders threw his spirits against
the attackers and (randomly) a madness passion spirit possessed Starliss.
I, as GM, decided that the effect of madness for a Dragonewt was
(inespicable) "polite human behavior and love for human customs" (much like
an outlaw Dragonewt, but without being outlawed: the effect of the Priests'
orders to help Raus and the madness spirit's presence combined to produce a
PC Dragonewt striving to behave as a human).
The Gamon survived (to his distress) the battle and returned with Belvani
and the Etyries PC, Starliss followed them and became a dragonewt PC.

Shortly after, during an episode in Pavis, the Etyries PC and the Dragonet
PC were ambushed by Blackfang killers. They cast spells and stroke Starliss
with a boosted Befuddle.
Obviously the spell hit the Madness Spirit, covertly possessing Starliss.
The spirit was knocked out and Starliss recovered his true senses.
Starliss decided to let the Blackfangi kill him without opposing, so that he
could return to his nest and return to life without the annoying passion
spirit around. So it happened: Starliss was stabbed to death by the
murderers. After 5 minutes, the passion spirit recovered from the befuddle
and, sensing his previous victim out, randomly attacked another being: the
result was a Blackfangi, of course. In this way even the Etyries PC was
saved, by the Madness Spirit, but lost his friend (Starliss).
I, as GM, was relieved of the embarrass of having a Dragonewt PC.

Was this tale clear?

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