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Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000 - 13:39:48 EEST

<<Christoph Kohring
                      *** The Stars Are Right ! ***
                  *** Why Choose The Lesser Argrath ? ***
     *** Kallyr the Liberatrix* for High Queen Of Kerofinela !!! ***
War-cry (i.e. slogan) of the Vinga cult after 1621 S.T. (Quoted in H. T.
Black's "The Once & Future Queen"; Jonstown, SA: Royal Library of Startar
Press, 1675 S.T. [the typo seems intended]}
* A.k.a. Kallyr-Argrath ! (Thanx Martin for the idea !)>>

I liked that one, bravo!

Next, my dangerous neuro-system started to work...
I suggested that, IMG, Argrath could be an "Avatara" of Orlanth.

You (I don't rem exactly who) suggested that "Arkat" (west theyalan or
westerner-sehnegi word) has the same meaning that "Argrath" (east theyalan
word) has = Liberator.

We all know the Cosmic (in)significance of Arkat's war against everybody
(Nysalor, Gbaji, Ralios, men, women and children and the rest).
Now Nysalor is related (I am not so deep in G-lore to say how) to the
RedGoddess and the Red Goddess chief enemy is Orlanth.
Bingo! (provided you have my own dangerous neuro-system, a thing which I
hope for your sake is not true).

Does this Bingo of mine summon any comment of yours?
For instance, what's the religious connection between Orlanth and the
Liberator attribute? Orlanth is thunderous, sneaky, murdering, repenting,
imperial, royal and (always) savage. Does any cult of Orlanth Liberator
exist at all? Where, who and when?

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