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Date: Tue 28 Mar 2000 - 15:54:24 EEST

>Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 23:04:42 +0200
>From: Julian Lord <>
>Subject: Lady of the Wild
>David Cake :
>> >I don't think that they are Mystics keyword-wise.
>> >But : am I wrong ? I could definitely see a case for them having
>> >physical powers similar to those of physical mysticism.
>> >But maybe not. Hmmmm
>> You can get a lot of physical powers from animism, too. And I think
>> it fits better - the mystics get their physical powers from training and
>> control over their bodies, I would think the Taran mystics get their
>> physical powers from allowing other powers (animal powers, wilderness
>> powers) to enter in their bodies

Yes. So much so that they become (if they're not already) beasts.

>> I'd probably go for animists with a mystic secret.
>I've pointed out recently on-list that most religious cults will have a mystic

<snip supporting argument>

 the mysticism of the religion must be
>dominant. And this doesn't work with the LotW as far as I can see.
>Instead, the essential focus of the cult will be on _rituals_ IMO.
Dunno I see the religion as being too wild for formal rituals. The rituals
of propitiation are performed by the Hunter cults.


>But I also think that the way to go would be to develop her as an exotic
>shamanic tradition. Her devotees awaken no fetches, don't travel in
>the Spirit Plane (at least, not explicitely), and don't confront a
>'Bad Man' during their initiation rituals.


Very exotic & not too spiritual in appearance. More orgies of sex & death
than trance states.
>Her devotees have spirit allies (AKA Wild Beasts) who don't live
>in the Spirit World per se (and you can't believe How Much Trouble
>I had convincing Steve Martin this was possible).
>> Sorry that this is just a rules heavy suggestion
>> not a real contribution to your discussion.
>Rules-lite, Dave ; contribution-hevy ... :-)
>Darvall :
>> >Some of the Heortlings call her Kero Fin, if you don't like 'Tara'.
>> Good point
>Actually, I loathe the word 'Taran'.
>Every time I need to use that concept, my fingers write 'devotee of the
>Lady of the Wild', instead. Anyone know any other names/titles/keywords
>for her ?
Be damn handy. DotLotW is getting a bit long. Actualy I felt that
worshipping her as KF was a viable option if that's where you live. Also
gives the locals a weird shamanic/ancestor worship (via the big O) opt.

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