Void and void

From: Gian Gero (giangero@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000 - 16:47:49 EEST

<<The Ultimate Goal of dragonewt
mysticism is to become One with the Void that is
Ourobouros, in the Heart of Chaos, in the Outside of
Existence. To acheive this, Ourobouros (and the
dragonewts) must Devour the World.>>

IMG, but I suppose in most Gloranthas, Julian, this is not a condivisible
The purposes of Chaos and of Dragonewts are opposed, not similar IMO.
Yes, there are affinities: both devour and both refuse the material balanced
world in Time, but, a big BUT, for altogether different reasons.

Let's take the Orlanthi explanation of Chaos as a starting point:
Chaos entered the world from Outside, when the cosmic structure was weakened
by the Lesser Darkness and the Godswar.
Chaos is a perverted form of annihilation through corruption.

Dragons were already present in the pre Darkness GoldAge of Yelm and of the
Elder (older/previous/ancient) Gods. They are trying to exit the world, not
entering as Chaos do, and they want to recreate the Cosmic Dragon, not to
Destroy Everything for the sake of Destroying.

Yes, some effects (powerful magics, huge destructions, hypermundane
manifestations) are common to both Chaos and DragonLore, but the goals are
opposite, I repeat, and not easily comparable.

The most Dragon-similar Chaos entity, I suppose could be Krarsht (connected
to the Rune of Hunger, not incidentally), but this similarity is only
apparent, IMO.

e.g. Orlanth Dragonfriend takes Dragon's Magic to fight Chaos, not to help
The Goddess Chaos-lover takes Chaos Magic and tries to enslave both Orlanth
and the Dragonkind (by occupying DragonPass).
Anyway, what evidence do we have, I ask, that Draconism was ever defeated or
tainted by Chaos? They are on two different planes of power and magic and
even of void and eating, I deem.

I mean real Draconism, not mortal Dragon-paths as in the East: however,
anywhere Dragons are, Chaos is not, IMG, but the opposite is not equally
true: where Chaos is, Dragons could go and come at their pleasure...


Phew, what a messy stream.

Help me with some pointing observations, I could wander in the void myself
if I keep on speculating about these matters all by myself...


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