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Ingkot and the Winter Tribes.
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[Joerg Baumgartner]

> Alex-Eel:
> > What are the differences between the Summer (i.e. Manirian)
> > and Winter (i.e. Pelorian) Tribes?

[answer snip] Many thanks for the complete answer.

> > That alone IMO would qualify him as a Lokama*.
> Not so. Ingkot did not try to put himself above his god. He prepared a
> strong civilized Orlanthi state, like many powerful Orlanthi leaders
> before him. (Best known include the Second Council and the EWF,
> regionally best known was the Kingdom of Saird which fought the EWF.)

        Still I think that many in his tribe saw a king who married the daughter of
the Evil Emperor, the chief of their atavic foes, and granddaughter of a
Chaos Goddess to gain power from on high rather than from his people.

        It's a pity that my players didn't choose this campaign, otherwise I would
have turned you into a NPC: Ingkot's teacher and most trusted advisor, Joerg
Baumgartnersson - "What right have we to judge what is chaos? After all we
are the Devil's relatives!" ;)))

Rainbow Mounds.
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> "Alexandre Lanciani" <> spoke about the
> Rainbow Mounds.
> Why it is so uncomlicated for the PCs to move from Apple Lane to
> the Rainbow Mounds, without Malani warriors asking them were they are
> going?

        Maybe they are afraid of the Dragonwet plinth and so avoid the entire area?
Could this be an answer?

Essential KoS
- -------------

        DLoD too contains the description of an entire clan, with personalities and
customs, and IMO one of best (not very heroic) campaign series that have
been written for RQ3.

        A talastari Alex.


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