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Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000 - 21:26:17 EEST

Terra Incognita wrote

>IMO, "henotheism" word applied only to Otkorioni Surantyr Fiesive Church
>(under Great Influence from Northern Orlanthi Custom)

<>: "the worship
of one god without denying the existence of other gods"

I believe this practice was also performed by many of the God
Learners (it was certainly done in early Jrustela, before the Return
to Rightness crusade).

(Actually, to a degree, in Glorantha it's turned around to be worship
in lesser fashion of other gods while holding the Invisible God above
all other gods. "Thou shalt not have other gods before me, but thou
mayest have other gods after me.")

Peter Metcalfe wrote

>I don't think anybody calls themselves Stygians
>and only one creed describes itself as Henotheist to which I get
>the impression they've adopted a derogatory word as a badge of

I agree, Stygian is likely a pejorative term -- after all, it's
usually used in conjunction with the word "heresy."

I don't think henotheist is a derogatory term, however -- it's an
obscure technical term. If anything, it's an attempt to fend off
charges of heresy by announcing that they still hold the Invisible
God primary.

>Also I'd say that very few henotheists in Safelster worship
>darkness deities and most of them think darkness deities
>are bad. Hence calling them Stygians or referring to the
>Dark Empire is a surefire way to get up their nose. Henotheists
>is also objectionable to a lesser degree.

I'm sure this is the case. Stygian is what you call someone else's
henotheism, which is of course heretical, unlike your own.

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