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To Gian:
Martin Laurie Work and Greg Stafford Work are differentiated
Laurie wrote from humanistic avenger with "resources and tools".
Greg Stafford used this "resource and tools" as his Eastern Component as
So Sheng AgartuSay became AntiGod. Greg Stafford decided. (at least RQ Con4

"Spread like Grassly Plain
"Form battle alley like Sea
"Fight Ferociously like Chisel
"What is Another Way? Brother
>From Mongolian (Yuan Dynasty) Chronicle in Uighurite

SunZy military strategist of Ancient China
"Swift like Wind
"Calm like Gloves
"Agress like Flame
"Stable like Mountain"

"Life is always Slavery"
"Distorted" Zho Lath Ey Teaching leads their constant Expansion Polisy as
their need and Tribeal Unity: Speed , Power, and Unity made Aesthetic Power:
destroy Western & Eastern Corrupted "Civilized" Mysticism. Make balance over
Elements (kralorelan teaching?) Ignore Hero Passion and Desire to Survive,
Elder Bloodline Kargzantic Structure changed to Enforcers.
Bursts are Needles and Nails to Enemies for Pain Star, Son of Sun
Rays understood Fericious Speed and Return

Storm Sun Movement of Seleran Empire as Incarnate of Sun of Son
Right Cavarily with right ranged bowshot and Shiftmoving of Steppe make
Military Action Effective: against Lunar Magicians and Kralorelan Draconic
Massshot pack movement should equip many Sunspears from Sunworshiper
(Kargzant Cult Changed by Emergency Call) and Hunter Sureshot are mustered
for Sheng,

His Downfall was Fate for his limitless Greedy
Cult of Double Hell Explorer call in the Deep hell
He killed his own tormented sister in Instant Torture Camp System (In tale
of Martin Story) and become One of Retribution to World,

Sheng is Savior! Sheng is Demon Deceiver!

"A" Argrath in Wasteland wandered:
Brother High Llama Rider Yazakial Blue escorted him to Snowland.

"Why do you come here far from your homeland, Dragonprince?"
"See Northernwest Shepelkirt, her child Rufus hunted me, I want hand,
hand even srtonger than Moonchild. I came here to know for that place urges
many specialized-heroquesters to desperate Quest to save him from Hell: they
have never succeed since it started ,
"please say once again. What is his name? You constantly repeated fluitless
quest for resque of him from Lunar Hell. Who so Lunars hated and feared
with burning Sky Pit or Deepest Hell"
"Do you understand what you say? Barbarian Prince. Sheng Seleris Great-Grand
Khan of Solar Seleran Empire is his name: His Fire is All Beauty, His
tricked even Godunya himself with Inner Power. His servants are glorious,
his enemy are all damned to Hellfire Agony."

Cosmic Explorers contacted to Southern Travellers and teaching their secret
about Rescuing Heroquest of "Pain Star" later One of these foreigner became
Argrath "World Ruler"

Sea Eagle Dynasty of East

Most primitive societies recognize the existence of the First Four
Companions, who assisted Earthmaker in the creation of the world. They are
the overseers of the four compass directions and they are always depicted as
having the form of animals of a watery origin. The most widespread story
knows the Companions as Turtle, Loon, Otter, and Sea Eagle.

(From Old Gloranthan Prosopaedia)

Turtle (Sofal) South
Loon North
Otter (Udra) West
Sea Eagle East

If these are only Godlearnish Component, how can they use it as tool?
One True World Myth of Hsuchen maintains some pieces: Hykim & Mikyh,
Kralorelan Dragon Hsunchen, Halfbeast (like Beastvalley of DP) Ancestry

Worship, Bad Man, Horned Man : What is his intention for this American
Native-like source?

From Kushinada Isle Citadel near Keylanedi Isles
(Southeast of Vormain West of Evil Andin Isles)

We want Mercinaries and Sailors for long Pilgrimage from Sekinaga Citadel to
Sogolotha Mambrola, travel crossing Northern Continent: excellent fluency
guide or skilled sailor, Martalaki Adepts also welcomed except Vormai
oppression Supporter.
In 1625 (Calendar of Malkionism) Recruit for Kushinada zealot Malkioni call

Please teach you character condition, ability, political links, linguistic
diplomacy all are required for dangerous Heroquest (Sorry, blasphemous word
for pious Malkioni)


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