I Wanna Make You My Lady *Gebback!*

From: Hughes, John (NAT) (JohnP.Hughes@dva.gov.au)
Date: Fri 31 Mar 2000 - 02:36:35 EEST

        Heys folks

        Will drop back into this discussion *soon* (an Orlanthi soon, that
is, sometime before next harvest). Pip (my wife) is spending uncommon
amounts of time at the pc of late, occasionally surfacing to ask me
questions like 'how many sheep is enough for a sacrifice' or 'should I
explore my own tula?' or, 'What should I do about that basket of giant
eggs?' Yip, another convert to King of Dragon Pass. So for now:


        Julian and Darvall:
> >
> >Actually, I loathe the word 'Taran'.
> >
> >Every time I need to use that concept, my fingers write 'devotee of the
> >Lady of the Wild', instead. Anyone know any other names/titles/keywords
> >for her ?
> >
> Be damn handy. DotLotW is getting a bit long. Actualy I felt that
> worshipping her as KF was a viable option if that's where you live. Also
> gives the locals a weird shamanic/ancestor worship (via the big O) opt.

        The Lady is ancient, and existed in the Age before Ages, the Age
before Naming and Self. (Heortling Odaylans wouldn't say it in quite that
way, but that's exactly what they mean). Her consciousness is elemental and
animal, the signs of her presence subtle yet terrifying, felt with parts of
the soul and with senses that cannot be easily expressed in words
(especially for a Tovtaros).

        Round here, She is referred to as [significant pause] 'She'. There
is always that [significant pause] and special emphasis on the pronunciation
of the word. Everyone knows exactly who you are talking about.

        There are probably elements here of taboo as well, the danger of
invoking her secret names, or of summoning her into your unprepared and
unprotected presence. Heavy Ju Ju. Much Ga Ga. Be polite.

        I wouldn't be surprised to find similar nuministic euphemisms for
many other deities as well, both friendly and unfriendly.

        (Computer Widower)


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