From: Gian Gero (giangero@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri 31 Mar 2000 - 10:09:12 EEST

>>Dragons are the wandering monsters of the godplane. The gods have
motives and objectives, they have a reason for being. Dragons are
nature in the raw, yet they are still spiritual as well as physical

I don't subscribe with this POV.
To me, especially in my Glorantha, the main difference between Dragons and
Gods is that (simply):

Gods need worshippers, mortals who do the dirty work in their behalf.

Dragons don't need anyone, neither Dragonewts. Dragon Friends try not to
appease Dragons in order to get their favors, but instead they try to
understand Dragon motivations in order to deceive and force the Dragons to
do or to give what they wish.
Dragonewts are not Dragon Worshippers, they try to emulate/evolve into true
dragons, but they can't simply go at the mass and say: "O Grandfather
Dragon, help me in my anguish: make me more perfect..." etcetera.
Dragonewts know this kind of things doesn't work with dragons.

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