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Date: Fri 31 Mar 2000 - 12:58:34 EEST

>Derenx the Handsome is a Lunar and a teacher at the Humakt temple.
>BTW, who is Derenx? RoC doesn't give a lot of info about NPC (just
>in fact) so In My Pavis I've made him the chief sword of the Temple.
>So did I. I would have liked to know a bit more about him at the time.

So did _not_ I.

To whom it may concern, IMG Pavic Humakti are broken in two factions (such
as Pavic Orlanthi, between Krogar and Faltikus, and Pavic Lunars, between
GimGim _secretly_ and Bor-eel _openly_ with Sor-eel as arbiter).

One faction is filo-Lunar, and it could well be led by Derenx.
The other one is filo-Orlanthi, and it could well count Garreth among his
secret members. IMG Garreth is a former Sword of Humakt who now dedicate
himself to be a WindLord and Heroquester for Orlanth (and Waha, in order to
win the Praxian's hearts to his anti Lunar cause).

BTW he is the leader of ColdWind and is so intriguant (sp?) (on the Orlanthi
side) as GimGim is on the Lunar side.
That's the primary reason, IMO, of GimGim's hatred for Garreth/Argrath and
the need for the both of them to keep a low profile in order to fight each
other with more ease (under the nose of the City Council and even of the
Lunar Government).

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