rape and evil

From: David Cake (dave@difference.com.au)
Date: Fri 31 Mar 2000 - 18:56:14 EEST

>Last but not least one question from me: Is rape in Glorantha considered
>chaotic or is it "just evil"?

        The answer is 'yes'.
        More to the point, its not even always considered evil, though
        There is a degree of subjectivity here. If you are performing an
act that you know to be morally wrong, chaos can enter into
you. If you
know that what you are doing is right, then obviously its not chaotic.
        Compare Urain. Urain is a god of violence and killing for its own
sake, a chaotic god. Does this mean that violence and killing is chaotic?
No. Does this mean if you are violent and kill you can become chaotic?
Sure. Because if you start to enjoy it for its own sake, and attack people
for no reason, the knowledge that that is wrong lets chaos into your heart.
        Attitudes to rape in Glorantha should be much like the attitudes to
rape in ancient societies, though probably tempered with modern attitudes a
bit in practice. WHich is that sometimes, its a hideous crime, but at other
times, its vicious and mean but not necessarily criminal. Like killing
        Now, I am sure there are people in Glorantha for whom rape is
always considered chaotic and evil. But there are probably some for whom
its acceptable (some parts of the Kingdom of War, for example). Gloranthan
societies should have the same variance in attitudes that real world
societies have, even when it is unpleasant.


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