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> Good, but...
> One thing that always intrigued me about Gloranthan warfare is the almost
> complete absence of War Chariots. Still this device was well used by many
> ancient armies, up to the diffusion of Bridle/saddle and other serious
> cavalry gear (in the early middle ages, after the fall of the Western
> Empire, I deem).

I asked Greg specifically on this subject (as War Czar), and there are the
only two chariot users in Glorantha.

The East Wilds Orlanthi use chariots (on the Irish or Pre-Roman Briton
model), while the lunars have a unit of chariot/fast wagon-mounted light
artillery (The Deretinites, who require specialized magic to stabilize the

Now, earlier in Imperial history, there *were* chariots (used in a Mycenean
way, to ferry elite warriors around the battlefield), but infantry learned
to stand against them, so the Imperial warrior cultures gradually abandoned
them. Cavalry and Stirrups put paid to chariot warfare, at least in Peloria.

Remember that there are mixed technologies at work in Glorantha, so while it
may look like a Bronze-age world, things like Stirrups *have* been invented.
A chariot is not as agile as a similar number of men mounted on horseback,
can't take the same punishment (lose a wheel or a horse, and the chariot is
"dead"), and isn't quite as flexible tactically as cavalry, being unable to
go places horsemen can.



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