The DotLotW

From: Julian Lord (
Date: Fri 31 Mar 2000 - 23:26:42 EEST

Darvall :

> >But I also think that the way to go would be to develop her as an exotic
> >shamanic tradition. Her devotees awaken no fetches, don't travel in
> >the Spirit Plane (at least, not explicitely), and don't confront a
> >'Bad Man' during their initiation rituals.
> <snip>
> Very exotic & not too spiritual in appearance. More orgies of sex & death
> than trance states.

*Rituals* !!! ;-)

> >Every time I need to use that concept, my fingers write 'devotee of the
> >Lady of the Wild', instead. Anyone know any other names/titles/keywords
> >for her ?
> >
> Be damn handy. DotLotW is getting a bit long. Actualy I felt that
> worshipping her as KF was a viable option if that's where you live. Also
> gives the locals a weird shamanic/ancestor worship (via the big O) opt.

But whadda we call the DotLotW instead : KeroFinians ?!

Can someone come up with a better one ?
perhaps inspired by names in the Entekosiad ??

Julian Lord


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