Carmanian Cataphracti clarification

Date: Sat 01 Apr 2000 - 00:03:42 EEST

>BTW, Are the Carmanian Knights a kind of cataphracts?

>Yes. Or Clibinari. Boiler boys. They are heavily armoured, though not in
>plate. They are very strong in the charge and use large horses, bigger than
>anything seen in Peloria until they arrived. Their tradition is one of
shock action.

 I just wanted to clarify this slightly. When I refer to cataphracti, the
common model for them is the Byzantine period cataphracti. However, this is
not a suitable analogy for the Carmanians who are armoured in a similar way
to the Cataphracti but actually deploy tactically in a very different

The Byzantine Cataphract or "Kataphraktoi" actually closed at a slow trot and
engaged in a grinding, attritional close combat, relying on heavy armour and
nasty weaponry (mostly maces) and training to literally crunch their way
through the enemy line. Once the pentratation was achieved, the lighter
lancers and other horsemen would continue the pursuit.

The Carmanians use the lance as the primary shock weapon and contact at the
gallop. Their formation is usually less rigid than the typical Kataphraktoi
wedge and does not contain the lighter troops, escpecially horse archers,

common to a Byzantine formation (during the Kataphraktoi period of the 10th
century that is)

Martin Laurie


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