Re: Rape and evil

From: Meirion Hopkins (
Date: Sat 01 Apr 2000 - 15:31:38 EEST

> David Cake <>

> >Last but not least one question from me: Is rape in Glorantha considered
> >chaotic or is it "just evil"?
> The answer is 'yes'.
> More to the point, its not even always considered evil, though
> unpleasant.
> There is a degree of subjectivity here. If you are performing an
> act that you know to be morally wrong, chaos can enter into you.

In Orlanthi society, with its emphasis on family and clan, IMO rape is
analagous to killing and kinslaying. It's only a chaotic act if the victim
is a member of your own bloodline or clan. If the perpetrator was a
relative it's tantamount to kinslaying, punishable by death. If the
perpatrator was a stranger/foreigner then a feud will be the result.



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