Chaos and Lunar confrontations

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Date: Thu 06 Apr 2000 - 11:47:37 EEST

<<Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 20:27:16 +1200
From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Subject: Chaos
Gian Gero:
>Entropy = Chaos = the thing from outside that crawls in the fabric of the
>world and threatens to eat it away. CoC (ciao, Sandy) would call it: the
>Cthulhu Mythos and the Outer Gods.
I don't believe there are any Outer Gods in the Primal Chaos.
Many Lords of Terror are created by Chaos seeping in through the
cracks in the cosmos and they seek to destroy the world to destroy

That's interesting. So they (the Chaos Gods) are substantially immanent in

I believe that gods (such as the Unholy Trio) can't create anything really
new: they fostered Chaos because they opened the passage from Beyond. Who
knows if they created Wakboth (as I don't think) or if they were induced by
their madness to let him enter as an Outer God coming in (as I think, but

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<<Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 20:24:06 +1200
From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Subject: Lunars versus the West
Gian Gero:
>Hypothetically, then, the Lunar Army (stronger than the
>Carmanian one) should crush the western armies of Fronela or Seshnela
>easily, provided they come in contact. Is that true?
I don't think so. King Pyrrhus knew all the preceding doctrines
about combined arms by heart (and he was thought to be one of the
great Successor generals of his time) yet he still took heavy
losses when fighting the Romans who had none of his advantages.>>

They had a lot of allied and could suffer the human losses better than
Pyrrhus. He had a greater fame and so had more enemies than friends
(probably). In your opinion, why Napoleon was strategically beaten? For many
reasons, but in a practical sense because he consumed quite all France's
human resources in his winning wars and at last was overwhelmed (I refer to
the Lipsia and first France campaign of 1814, not to the second of

<<Loskalm's army is superbly equipped and is excellently trained.
It has the singular disadvantage of not having any battlefield
experience since the Ban fell and the further (shared) disadvantage
in that it has to fight the Kingdom of War really soon. If it
manages to survive the coming decade, then the Lunar Army will
consider the Loskalmi to be very formidable indeed.>>

"If", and "how".

<<What the Seshnegi lack in Loskalmi equipment and training, they
make up for with proven battlefield experience. I don't think
they would be easily defeated by the Lunar Army either.>>

I don't think so, either. But I merely asked Martin if, in theory, his
strong statements about Lunar Army effectiveness would consider the strength
of the Loskalmi and Seshnegi armies. He answered: "Yes, in theory". I have
not his faith in the Lunar Army, but it's simply my opinion and his, after
all. Probably you are more on my side, if I interpret correctly your point

in this discussion.

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