Hoplite retcon? and scimitars

From: Svechin@cs.com
Date: Fri 07 Apr 2000 - 19:08:08 EEST

>Another retcon which is going to piss a lot of people off. I suppose
>I will have to melt down all those 'official' lunar hopiltes with

Not a all. A "Lunar" hoplite would most likely be from a pure Tarnils unit,
which means scimitars are likely. On the otherhand an "Imperial" unit of
hoplites will come from a differing tradition, usually DH or Pelandan.

BTW, Nick mentioned the scimitar as being similar to the Kopis and thus a
standard hoplite weapon. I would agree that the kopis is a perfect hoplite
weapon but would contend that it is not the same as a scimitar in usage. The
Kopis curves slightly forward while the scimitar curves back from the cut
stroke. This means that the Kopis is used to strike and draw with the inner
curve instead of the sheer cut of the scimitar. This is why scimitars are
superb for cavalry work but are a problem for pure infantry, especially
shoulder shoulder types. The kopis is more of a hacking weapon, not a
slashing weapon and is admirably suited to inside work as its forward angle
provides the "hook" on the draw through. The scimitar only provides this
with enough space for forward momentum to aid the blow (whether this be side
stepping or on a moving horse etc) to penetrate armour.

Saying that, the scimitar _would_ be good for looser order troops, as it is a
slashing weapon with great weight at the end of the swing and could easily
penetrate light armour or dislocate shoulders etc. Given its terrible
balance (its awefully top heavy), it makes a poor parrying weapon, so usually
it would be used with shield, unless one had wrist like Conan.

It seems correct that the DH and Pelandan hoplites use the Kopis, other heavy
inf might use the scimitar.

Martin Laurie


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