Re: metaphysics

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sat 08 Apr 2000 - 02:25:38 EEST

Julian Lord:
> >As Nils and Alex have pointed out to me
> >(although they've asked me not to reveal any of the nitty-gritty
> >specifics of actual Eastern Cults and Philosophies),
> >there isn't actually any notion of 'Chaos' as such in most
> >cultures that are based on Mysticism.

Peter Metcalfe:
> There's obviously some sort of misunderstanding going on for
> the Easterners do have antigods and they do identify chaotics
> as being members of the latter.

They don't really recognise a clear 'category' of chaos, however,
and they're not especially innundated with what an outsider would
(I think) call 'chaotic'. The identification you speak of, for example,
is based on a solicited opinion of _foreign_ chaos gods. ("Oh yeah,
those must be Antigods too. Let me tell you some of the troubles
we've had with the Antigod of Persistent Flatulence...")

> In particular, the Kralori are plagued with Huan To, who are chaotic
> in most people's books.

Those I'll grant you. They vex the Kralori though, not because they're
'chaotic', but because they're Seditious. (gasp)



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