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From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sat 08 Apr 2000 - 02:37:51 EEST

> Simon Bray:
> >I could do with a little help. Could anybody tell me anything about the
> >Enhyli?
> >Does anyone know where their clan lands are situated with Colymar
> >boundaries? Actually info on the Narri wouldn't go amiss.

Peter Metcalfe:
> The Enhyli as part of the old Hyaloring Triarchy live around
> Runegate. Since the Narri broke the Triarchy by taking wives
> from "the people along the stream" (the Colymar tribe and
> possibly the Orlmarth clan in particular) to make peace with
> them, the Narri would be the southernmost of the Runegate clans.
> Since the Lonsi also live close to the Varmandi (when the latter
> dwelt near Tarkalor Keep), I'd say that the Enhyli live in the
> Stael Hills.

More catch-up: my ever-reincarnating summary of Ye Olde Greg Colymar
Map covers this, apparently: (I quote without checking back to
the copy I had of the map, which is I know Not Where.)

Narri lands: region north of and round Stael's Hills, up to the Creek.
The reference in KoS to the Stream, regarding the "fish marriage", is
seemingly mistaken, and should refer to the Creek.

Lonisi/Taraling: region east of Runegate, north of the Swan River, and south
of Stael's Hills, and a smaller area south of the Swan.

Enhyl: lies round Ostor Colymar, from the Upland Marsh, to the back of the
Upper Starfire ridge.



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