Alkothi question

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sat 08 Apr 2000 - 03:59:42 EEST

My Italian namesake writes:
> PS: speaking of Alkoth, were can I find a description of the Decapitation
> Ritual of Admittance into the city? I really can't imagine it, much less
> describe it to the players!

Thanks to others for the exact reference; I shall lob in that Greg
commented on this at a conference last year, replying to someone else's
description of it as a 'mock execution' said something like, "Yeah,
_usually_ they don't actually chop your head off..." Lest it be said
the Depraved aspects of Alkoth were all the work of one man... Talking
of whom: ;-)

Martin writes, amid much fascinating detail:
> In HW terms this means that you have to overcome a reistance to enter
> it of w3 or so.

Then 'HW terms' seem pretty broken to me. What happens if some
time-server doesn't perform the ritual correctly on you, or you
don't undergo it at all: you just bounce off?

I'm not quibbling with the mythic rationale, but the above seems
to me like mechanistic over-statement. (I imagine we'll be seeing
a lot of mechanistic over-statement when HW comes out, but roll on
that day, anyhow...)



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