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From: Mikko Rintasaari (rintasaa@mail.student.oulu.fi)
Date: Wed 12 Apr 2000 - 16:04:17 EEST

: Martin Laurie - analyzing the scimitar

: Saying that, the scimitar _would_ be good for looser order troops, as it
: is a slashing weapon with great weight at the end of the swing and
: could easily penetrate light armour or dislocate shoulders etc. Given
: its terrible balance (its awefully top heavy), it makes a poor parrying
: weapon, so usually it would be used with shield, unless one had wrist
: like Conan.

Excuse me? I wonder if you are thinking of late cavalry sabers. There are
several types of sword with a curving blade that can be called a
scimitar. I've always tought the Lunar/Yanafal Tarnils scimitar to be a
light infantry weapon, not a cavalry sabre that handles like an axe.

A good scimitar is lighter than a broadsword and has very good
balance. It's fast to strike and parry with and having just one edge it's
sturdier than a double edged sword, or rather can be made lighter.

I think you were thinking of cavalry sabers or persian tulwars (which have
a heavy tip and which yet again handle like an axe)


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