scimitars, problem solved?

From: Mikko Rintasaari (
Date: Fri 14 Apr 2000 - 14:49:50 EEST

> >On the other hand I've sparred with light infantry scimitars which are a joy
> to wield
> >and fight with. I suppose our wievs on swordfighting go entirely crossvice.
> I've fenced with sabres of all ilks and I find they are very quick weapons,
> but again, fairly useless against an armoured man. You need weight on the
> swing and the blade to penetrate. The scimitar used by heavy infantry would
> have to be like that or else it would be defeated by most armour.
> The Imperial scimitar if probably a light weapon for most functions, being of
> Pentan origin. However, the heavy infantry Tarnils forces would use a heavy
> scimitar in battle.
> Martin Laurie

Ah, indeed. In a man to man battle I still think penetration power isn't
that important. As I said, no armor covers everything. So I think the
regular sidearm scimitar of a Yanafali officer or a pelorian duelist would
be a light and slender bladed scimitar.
  The The Steel Scimitars (was that the name of the all Yanafali
troop?) on the other hand rely on massed ranks of men and heavy armor, no
doubt their scimitars are heavy cleavers doing horrible damage.

Problem solved?


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