Re: Argrath son of Argrath....

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Fri 14 Apr 2000 - 22:41:54 EEST

Roger McCarthy says, inter alia:
> (BTW how long do pregnancies last in Glorantha - 4 seasons would be about
> right assuming that Gloranthan days are about 20% longer than earth days so
> the birth would be somewhere between Fire season 1604 and Fire/1605).

This is a controversial topic, as Greg has made several utterences
that aren't 'consistent', to wit that don't translate to the RW
(or I should say rather, the Earth) with a single kludge-factor.
Thus, people continue to fight over it. (Not that the 'thus' in
that sentence is really either here or there.)

Specifically, he's said that human gestation really is still 40 weeks
(i.e. 5 seasons, a whole year less one sacred time), and that a year
is 'equivalent' to a RW year, in terms of aging, etc. Possibly this
is just a symptom of Greg being like the British Isles weather, or
maybe that's the way it really is: who knows?



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