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Date: Sun 16 Apr 2000 - 12:51:44 EEST

Terra Incognita

>In Genertela Book, Duchy Sentanos is Stongest Nation in Modern Ralios: (but
>weakened by current War against Otkorion and Siglorf Cult and failure of
>Summoning Arkat Incarnate), but I cannot understand Connection Tortun and
>Lady Erengazor with Rokari in Older Version Runequest #3 Deluxe Box
>Introduction Glorantha: this older version mentioned Sentanos as One Hold

>of Rokari Influence.

The standard interpretation is that Lady Erengazor overthrew her
Rokari father (circa 1604 ST) and instituted the Proven Appearance
of Arkat. I don't think Sentanos in the days of Erengazor's father
was solidly Rokari but rather Rokarism was the creed of the court
and that the vast majority of Sentanos were Stygians.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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