LM and the Flame of Truth

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Date: Tue 18 Apr 2000 - 00:10:35 EEST

> Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 15:03:33 -0500
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> Subject: Re: The Glorantha Digest V7 #555
> One of the things I've been wrestling with is establishing myths for
> Orlanthi cults other than Orlanth (and Humakt). There are lots of > stories about Orlanth, but very few about Issaries, Lankhor Mhy, > Chalana Arroy, Eurmal, or the Earth goddesses. It makes it sort of > hard to come up with heroquests for those cults. As a result, there's > something of an imbalance in my campaign, because only 1 of my 6
> Sartarite PCs has Orlanth as his main god (although most have a > Secondary initiation for Orlanth), but all the good heroquests are for > Orlanth.
> Here's another myth I've worked out to address this imbalance a bit.
> (...)
> Andrew E. Larsen

Hey! good one. I've added this and the one about Mother Language in my
list of Myths.
But there's something I'd like to express, about the possible HQ.
You said that the stages were fighting the three demons and recovering
the Flame. But fighting is not the "image" I have from LM. Maybe it
could be more like a knowledge struggle or something like that? What do
you think?

Sergi Diaz


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