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From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Tue 18 Apr 2000 - 01:09:04 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner, on True Dragons, and whether they 'maturely' mate:
> Allegedly, they do dream of matings - cf wyverns.

One of the vices of middle-age is vicariously reliving the indiscretions
of youth, no?

> > Another toughie. I'd say, off the top of my head, that prevailing
> > belief (i.e., if you could wring any sense out of EWF scholars,
> > dragonewts, and Kralori mystics (and good luck with any of that
> > nutty bunch, frankly), and there was any sort of consensus between
> > them...) it might be along the lines of, the draconic consciousness
> > has to continue to 'devolve' until it reaches a certain critical
> > point of individuation (like a 'newt, or a human), and only at that
> > point can it start to 'rebound'. Think 'Big Crunch', as it were.

> The EWF "activated" dragons the other way round, though - combining the
> multitude of individuals into one huge dragon. (Though why anybody
> should choose the Dara Happans for brain eludes me. Lot's of unused
> capacity?)

That still fits in which the above, in that it's humans attempting to
do this, and not lesser dragons.

> > If this were a strictly apt comparison, they'd be more like
> > certain EI mystics, denying the material world wholesale, with
> > their newtly manifestation just a spiritual error which the egg
> > is striving not to improve, but to eliminate, as opposed to be
> > anything much like Kralori draconic mysticism.
> Apparently their spiritual development requires them to roll in the
> dirty illusion/dream of the material world.

Which implies to me that it's not _really_ illusionary. Come to that,
why does the egg itself have a material existence?

> >> An Inhuman King seems to have two effects:
> >> 1) It projects the aura wherein the 'newt cities avoid the worst
> >> entanglements of the world of illusions to the eggs.
> >> 2) If my suspicion about the "mother" being created from the
> >> collected 'newt effects, it contributes the highest set of
> >> draconic magics to the mother.
> > I can see the logic of those notions.
> Fine. Do you agree with them, or is it just that you can't refute them?

Someplace between the two.



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