Re: LM and the Light of Truth

Date: Wed 19 Apr 2000 - 00:11:45 EEST

>> One of the things I've been wrestling with is establishing myths for
>> Orlanthi cults other than Orlanth (and Humakt). There are lots of >
>>stories about Orlanth, but very few about Issaries, Lankhor Mhy, >
>>Chalana Arroy, Eurmal, or the Earth goddesses. It makes it sort of >
>>hard to come up with heroquests for those cults. As a result, there's >
>>something of an imbalance in my campaign, because only 1 of my 6
>> Sartarite PCs has Orlanth as his main god (although most have a >
>>Secondary initiation for Orlanth), but all the good heroquests are for >
>> Here's another myth I've worked out to address this imbalance a bit.

>Hey! good one. I've added this and the one about Mother Language in my
>list of Myths.
>But there's something I'd like to express, about the possible HQ.
>You said that the stages were fighting the three demons and recovering
>the Flame. But fighting is not the "image" I have from LM. Maybe it
>could be more like a knowledge struggle or something like that? What do
>you think?

        What I was trying to do is encourage a 'heroic' model for LM,
rather than just a dusty old scholar. My LM player has said that just
playing a guy who reads scrolls a lot doesn't do enough for him. And LM
cultists do get sword and staff training. But you're right; fighting might
seem jarring for him. Any form of overcoming the demons is acceptable, in
my opinion.

Andrew E. Larsen


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