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From: Nils Weinander (nils_w@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat 06 May 2000 - 22:31:22 EEST

This is really old, catching up again...

> > <<The Ultimate Goal of dragonewt
> > mysticism is to become One with the Void that is
> > Ourobouros, in the Heart of Chaos, in the Outside of
> > Existence. To acheive this, Ourobouros (and the
> > dragonewts) must Devour the World.>>
> >
> > IMG, but I suppose in most Gloranthas, Julian, this is not a condivisible
> > concept.
> This is a difficult thread that hasn't been done properly either on-list
> or in-print : the people to ask are Nils and Alex. Peter knows much
> of these matters, and a David (and I hope I'm not forgetting anyone ... ).
> I know some of it.
> But Nils and Alex have the *facts*.

That is an exaggeration, I'm afraid... Vithelan mysticism has
been discussed and explored to some extent. Kralorelan draconism
only in quite vague terms and dragonewt philosophy not at all.

> YES. Chaos Void and Mystic Void are two different Voids.

I would agree, but as Peter writes:
>Moreover the Void
>doesn't really exist in all cultures. It's a NiangMaoist
>(a minor but influential philosophy in Kralorela) goal and
>is not the belief of the more numerous Darudists (who think
>it's dragons all the way down) or the Vithelans (who waffle
>about Durapdur instead).

I can only add the the followers of (Vithelan) Larn Hasamador's
school speak of Nothing, which is probably pretty much the
same as the NiangMaoist Void.

Julian again:
>As Nils and Alex have pointed out to me
>(although they've asked me not to reveal any of the nitty-gritty
>specifics of actual Eastern Cults and Philosophies),
>there isn't actually any notion of 'Chaos' as such in most
>cultures that are based on Mysticism.
>(I think that I can say this much at least, without stepping
>on any expert toes ?) :-)

No problem. Yes, chaos is not a concept which is native to
the eastern philosophies. A Vithelan wouldn't see it as a
relevant distinction. What matters is rather transcendent
or not.

>There's obviously some sort of misunderstanding going on for
>the Easterners do have antigods and they do identify chaotics
>as being members of the latter.

But most antigods are not chaotic, and without outside help,
a Vithelan couldn't distinguish a chaotic antigod from a
non-chaotic one IMO.

Nils Weinander
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