Re: Avoid the Void

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Fri 19 May 2000 - 03:17:46 EEST

Nils Weinander:
> That is an exaggeration, I'm afraid... Vithelan mysticism has
> been discussed and explored to some extent. Kralorelan draconism
> only in quite vague terms and dragonewt philosophy not at all.

Ahem! Strip away all our veils of Expertly Mystique, whydoncha? ;-)

> I can only add the the followers of (Vithelan) Larn Hasamador's
> school speak of Nothing, which is probably pretty much the
> same as the NiangMaoist Void.

It'd take another one to tell 'em apart, at least, you'd have to
think. Or a pan-Eastern mysticism committee of an especially
rarified and superannuated sort, at the very least.

> But most antigods are not chaotic, and without outside help,
> a Vithelan couldn't distinguish a chaotic antigod from a
> non-chaotic one IMO.

Or simply wouldn't much want to -- Buddha's 'poison arrow'
parable springs to mind. "Why do you persist in endlessly
classifying the multitude of AntiGods, rather than simply
walking briskly in opposite direction, O Student of Great



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