Catch-up, Scroll-down, Avoid the Void

From: Julian Lord (
Date: Fri 02 Jun 2000 - 11:45:12 EEST

Nils :

> This is really old, catching up again...


> (me to Gian) > Chaos Void and Mystic Void are two different Voids.
> I would agree, but as Peter writes:
> >Moreover the Void doesn't really exist in all cultures.

Indeed. And the Chaos Void has manifest existence as actual rents in
existence : not so the Mystic Void(s) (if any).

> Peter:
> >There's obviously some sort of misunderstanding going on for
> >the Easterners do have antigods and they do identify chaotics
> >as being members of the latter.
> But most antigods are not chaotic, and without outside help,
> a Vithelan couldn't distinguish a chaotic antigod from a
> non-chaotic one IMO.

But there is a Realm of Chaos, that an antigod might falsely
come from (or not). Depends on your enlightenment I suppose,
but the average Vithelan muck-scraper probably doesn't have
very much of it.


Julian Lord


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